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Bikes of the Month, January 2000 - June 2000
June '00

Charles Allen 2000 GSXR750

Walter Lopez 99 ZX6

Cordell Yates Symmetry Question

Doug Holt VFR800 with Generic kit 5507

Eihab Shawli 2000 GSXR750

Gary Tubiolo CBR900 with kit 1113 installed

George Awai 996sps with kit 7030 in silver

Collins McGeorge letter

May '00

David Moser GSXR with Generic kit 5501

Josh Daniels F2 with kit 1003

Tim Hill ZX7 with chrome lettering

Steven Bousserski GSXR750 with kit 5503 installed

Steve Allen VTR1000 with kit 1076 and more

Mark Masterman custom painted R6 with kit 4070

Kicklighter Engineering Ducati ST2

Bobby Greeson Hawk Gt with some logos

Big Daddy Brian harrassment letter

Brad K FZR600 with kit 4000

Carlos Curti Katana 750 with Generic kit 5501

Chase Harper letter

Dez Rae VFR800 with Generic kit 5507

Steve Ireland letter

April '00

Kraig Sanderson R6 with kit 4077

Peters VTR 1000 with kit 1075 (customized)
Rob Chattell Seca II with kit 4040

Robert R. CBR900 with big wing on tail section
Steve Ireland letter

Brian Dolan FZR600 with kit 4004

Michael Wiggins black Hayabusa with kit 3165 in chrome

Brian L 99 ZX6R

Kicklighter GSXR600 with kit 5500 and logos

Lorenzo Jacobs 2000 blue Hayabusa

Luke Holmes FZR600 with kit 4003

Norris Racing R6

Dave Henderson Blackbird kit 1206

Jeff Mortaloni 748 w/ part #7000

Simonantina TL1000R

Skubiak YZF600 with kit 4050

The Sportbike Doctor Castrol CBR900

March '00

Lonnie Martin R1 with kit 4188 installed

Briles F3

Shadi TLR


Marshall ZX7

Brian Cook F2

Averett GSXR

Kicklighter ZX9R

Chris Gallant letter
John Trent letter
Todd Sorgatz letter
Connor letter
Erwin Braekman letter
Neville letter

February '00

Mauricio Torres' BMW

Dave Winter's R6

Kicklighter Engineering VFR750

Nick Kormos' F2

Wes Greenwalt's R1

Vladimir Kravets' FZR600

Alex Rico CBR900

Carl Marshall's ZX7

John Daniel's F2

Bob Miller
Damien Roberts letter
Ryan Schneider letter
Chris Gallant letter

Logos & bulk tape

Paint Head Design

Paint Head Design

Paint Head Design

Paint Head Design

We Do Trucks logo

January 2000

Jon Mattson's ZX9R

Ian Anderson's ZX9R

Wendell McInnis's CBR900

Nathan Wandell's Katana 600

Jeremy Aucoin's ZX6

Watson DeRae's Future 900

Marcus Rutan's YZF600