From: Ana Font
Subject: SV 650
Date: May 14, 2010 2:12:37 PM EDT

Its been 3 years since I installed my kit. everyone has to do with my bike. they love  how it looks and most of all it has sustained 56 thousand miles of pure rough riding of all types as you can see in my pics. The kit is not dificult to install, I did it my self and for a girl that has never done this before I think i did geat and so does everyone else. The bike is still looking good and everyone out there recognizes me; even the cops .... there goes trouble on her bike. Thanks ...I thought it was time to drop u fellas a line since it has passed the test of time, torture, weather ...etc keep up the good work and high quality.

NOTE kit 5801, Bonfire Generic graphics, in Lava colorstyle