From: erich white
Subject: Re: Tapeworks Graphics: Cash Sale #51232
Date: September 22, 2008 11:31:11 AM EDT

Thanks. Your product looks great! But I tell you, it was touch and go for while there. As I am no body work and detail man I was a bit concerned whether or not I could pull this off. This was especially true after I applied the test piece and had a few bubbles I couldn't get rid of. I cleaned all surfaces as directed and attempted to apply (with my wife's assistance) the large decal using the dry method as I had with the test piece. I had absolutely no luck and was about to ball up the decal and call it a day, but decided to remove the piece and attempt the wet method. We created the solution as directed, whetted the adhesive side of the decal and applied it. What a difference! The decal was totally cooperative we worked it, and worked it for the next ten to twenty minutes. Wonders of wonders not one bubble. I keep going back and looking at it with amazement. I have included several shots so you can see the 999S with its new tricolore nose livery.


NOTE, kit 7151 number plate with custom tricolor edge modification