From: Gerry Santiago
Subject: Bike photo
Date: November 6, 2007 10:38:56 AM EST

to the tapeworks staff & barbara (for my recent order)-

i just wanted to say you have a great product in the rimstripes! a few years ago i purchased the reflective blue tape for my 04 Honda 600RR and loved the look it gave my bike, as well as the added safety when riding at night.i've attached a few pictures of the 600RR however, since it doubles as my track bike & dressed up with race plastics, you won't get the whole blue effect of the bike.. BUT, what does stand out isthe tapeworks reflective blue tape :-) and thats the main thing!..

after 3yrs i haven't had anyproblems with the rimstripesthat i'm a believer of the quality in thisproduct, that i've just ordered some for my bicycle! yea, you guessed it! my bicycle is blue and i've just ordered another roll of the reflective blue tape too!.. :-)

i'll definitely send pictures of the finished product whichshows my bicyclesporting your reflective rimstripes soon!... this could be a new market for you guys now!.. HAHA!..

continue with the excellent service andthe high quality product!