From: jay dziedzic
Subject: Re: Cash Sale #46242 from Tapeworks Graphics
Date: May 31, 2007 7:43:11 PM EDT

just wanted to send you an email to say thank you. i
had recieved my order and it was incorrect. i got on
the phone and w/in minutes the problem was resolved
and new vinyls were going to be on the way the very
next day. i appreciate that you were willing to
upgrade my vinyls at no extra charge since i recieved
the wrong set to begin w/. i am EXTREMELY happy w/ my
order, i absolutely love the look of the reflective
vinyls and i will w/o a doubt return to you're site to
order reflective rim tape in the near future. i've
also posted up the pictures on a CBR forum and
recomeded you're company to everyone. the reflective
wing shadows are a hit on the forum and im sure you'll
be recieving quite a few orders from more F4i owners!
thank you again for upgrading my order upon request. i
greatly appreciate the speedy delivery and i am
completely happy w/ the final product!

thanks again, and i'll be ordering rim tape soon!
you're co. was great to work w/.

NOTE- Tapeworks wing shadows kit 1068 in #016 Reflective White