From: Alex Herman
Subject: Custom width rimstripes - pics attached
Date: November 26, 2007 7:02:29 AM EST

Hi Rob,

I recently ordered the 6016 Refelective Rimstripes, I've attached two
photos, with and without flash for your website if you can need them.
They worked an absolute treat as the bike looks infinitely better with
them, and if I can pass on any advise to other customers - don't try
to affix the rimstripes on a stationary wheel, its far too easy to
make the line wonky. In my case I don't have a bike stand, but got
someone else to sit on the bike and slowly push it along while it held
my hands stationary against the wheel applying the tape. This worked
much better - still difficult, but a better result. Thanks for the
custom 1/8in + extra tape - i needed it!