From: brian day
Subject: Thanks - Looks great!!
Date: September 24, 2006 9:55:16 PM EDT

Rob & Dave,

Thanks for your help.  It turned out better than I imagined, day and night! 
I believe it looks better than stock; the black lower fairing looked almost invisible.
Does it look like it's part of the factory scheme, not really, but I like it! 8-)

The combo of the dark grey "R", stripped front graphic & "SUZI" letters & reflective flowing triangle at the bottom make it look less junky. 
Still far from the class of a Ducati, but almost a mature look, if that can be said for sportbike!

Feel free to post the pics.

The material is amazingly easy to cut.  Could do it better next time...

Had to cut the two pieces of the "R" to get it to line up.
Also, would like to have used your solution, water didn't allow the stickers to slide.  The water is very alkaline in Wake Forest, maybe that's an issue?

I'll send a better left side daytime picture.  :-[