From: ryan finney
Subject: customer comments
Date: October 19, 2006 7:56:02 PM EDT

To Whom It May Concern:
I just wanted to write a short email to you guys for the great job.  I had recently purchased decals from your competitor DecalFX.  When I received them, they were packaged very poorly.  They arrived in an envelope with no support backing.  In addition, they charged me $5 in shipping to have it sent first class mail in a regular envelope.  Not only was the shipping horrendous, the decals themselves were of very poor quality.  You could see the effect of tearing the decals out all along the edges.  I could have done a better job with an exacto knife.  From some online advice, I decided to try you guys.  After talking with David, I ordered the decals I needed.  You guys actually packaged the item correctly with lots of protection around the decals.  The decals themselves were a night and day difference.  Your decals actually looked like OEM decals that would come on the bike.  The DecalFX decals most certainly did not.  I have only had them on a couple days now, and I have already had people ask what kind of option to ask for at the dealer.  Nobody can tell the decals did not come from the factory like that.  In addition, the black reflective decal for my black helmet looks awesome.  It is nice to find a decal company that has actual quality product.  Most of the others out there seem to be making these decals in their garage with primitive tools.  Thanks again for the perfect decals for my all blacked out '07 GSX-R600 project
Ryan Finney