From: Rachel Garten
Subject: Bikes & Car graphics
Date: October 29, 2006 7:55:15 PM EST

Hello Tapeworks
Per your request, here’s a few pictures with the EXCELLENT tapeworks products on a few of our vehicles. 
We added the word TURBO in silver with a black outline to the GTI and it really helps break up the side of the car and accentuates the rims.
We added the red rim-stripes to the RC-51 and it really perked up the bike.
We totally changed out the graphics on the ZX-10 and punched up the color with a few well-placed pinstripes and added the rim-stripes, all in KAWI green – AWESOME.
Thanks for the great products and even-better service!  You are an easy referral with that kind of service!
Eric & Rachel Garten
Lincoln, NE