From: Bill Egge
Date: March 8, 2006 12:46:48 PM EST

Hey guys. Here is your work in action. I bought a kit from you awhile back. I ended up 3rd overall in the CCS GTO class for 2005. Would you guys be interested in helping me out for my 2006 GSX-R 750 and another set for my ‘02 750? I have been campaigning your name for the last two years and received a lot of compliments. Thanks for the great product. If we can work something out, I will proudly display your name on my bike, trailer, leathers and sign-up sheets (finish results with sponsors get listed on the fusa/ccs website for all to see so it is good exposure for you). Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

Bill Egge
CCS #66, ASRA 661