From: benjamin.alderson
Subject: Copper SV650 naked pics of rimstripes
Date: March 4, 2006 7:08:00 PM EST

I have a 2005 SV650 naked that I have put the 2003 special edition Copper body parts onto, so I have a unusual paint scheme of Copper on black frame with black wheels. I just installed the black reflective rimstripes and I gotta say they are great! I took pictures in my garage with only a flash from the camera for light and they really POP! In the sunlight, you can hardly tell they are there, and that's totally the look I was going for. I am very pleased. I also put a strip on the rear subframe just under seat, and I have plans for some more accents here and there.

Attached is one picture, but you can see some more here:


If you want the full, hi-res (2272x1704), look here:

Thanks a bunch,

Benjamin Alderson