From: Eric KNUTSON
Subject: Thanks for the help!
Date: January 5, 2006 9:24:20 PM EST

Hello, I thought thatI would send you some pics of the bike since I completed it. This is a 1999 Honda VFR 800. I got the lower HONDA decal from the 2002 model because it was curved to match the bottom of the fairing. The gas tank decal also came from the 2002 kit and the wing started off as a generic. I ended up trashing it because the tips of the top wing curved up too high on the back of the tank and would not work on the two tone paint scheme. So with the help of a laser level I cut off the wing tipsand used them for apattern, tossed out the fourth out of the five stripes and lengthened the bottom on by an inch and a half. Then fanned out and tapered the pattern so that it looked more like a wing than a few stripes and whala! Let me know what you think. The staff was very helpful in getting the decals to me. I am originally from Raleigh so it was nice to deal with home folk. Have a great day!