From: w_vasquez
Subject: first look
Date: December 4, 2006 11:18:46 AM EST

here is what some of the plastics look like with the kit. I also have a subjestions if I may:

-A easyer(softer) protective coating. for the chrome stickers it makes is so much difficult to remove. is as bad as me removing the protector before removing the sticker from the white sheet.

The sticker worked perfect, it takes some time but in a 4 hours worth the job looks great.

Thank you for the banner, we will be displaying at the booth over the bike.

What kind of hook up could I get from you guys to get a sticker kit for my new bodywork? I installed the 07 Race body work and I'm looking to do the same sticker kit from the 05 plastics (Future wing in flat black with Dark charcole shadow) on the universal kit.

Thanks for all your help and hope to hear soon from your guys.