From: Rod and Jen Campbell
Subject: 2000 Honda Magna
Date: April 7, 2006 8:56:48 PM EDT

Hey Tapeworks Team,

I am thrilled with the way my 2000 Magna turned out. I started out with kit #5677 in Reflective Bonfire Lava, which is made for the VTX and other large cruisers. I was a bit concerned as to how it would work out since the Magna is a considerably smaller bike with much smaller body panels. And to further complicate things, I really wanted to get rid of my stock "Magna" decals on the tank. It was SO worth the extra $$ to have a friend remove the decals and repaint the tank for me. I also had a couple of dents that needed to be repaired, but given the end product, I would have spent the money any way. Your advice tomock upthe pieces first with masking tape really paid off. While we were playing around with different ideas, my friend said "What about this?" and swapped the pieces around on the tank and in about 3 minutes, we had the basis of what you see in the pictures. To my way of thinking, this is the real strength of the Tapeworks kits. I had total control of the layout and the ability to do something radically different from the pics on the web site. I also want to say thanks for working with me on the extra pieces for the front fairing. The lady who helped me said she found some extra pieces laying around and would be willing to send them. I really appreciate the extra effort. It made a huge difference in the look of the bike. I knew it would reflect lights at night and look cool, but the most surprising thing is how it catches the light when you're just walking around it. I've had people stop in the middle of a sentence when they caught the shimmer and ask "How did you get the paint to do that?" The 3rd pic I've included is not taken with a flash, it's just the decals catching the sun! I know I've said too much already, but THANKS SO MUCH!! I get TONS of comments every time I drive it. The vast majority of people compliment my "paint job" and I mostly just say "thanks." With the clearcoat over the decals, it really does look like paint until you get really close and look hard. Again, THANKS!! While I don't anticipate my wife letting me embark on another bike overhaul any time soon, you can bet I'll get in touch with you the next time I need something like this!

Rod Campbell