From: Cesar Meza
Subject: Customer Bike Photo
Date: April 19, 2006 10:48:25 PM EDT

Hello Tapeworks Folks,

I would like to send in the wonder your products have created. I own a 1994 YZF 750R; if you don't recall the original paint scheme was awful (White, Orange, Purple, Pink, and I think Blue... YuK!). Anyway, I had my bike painted with the primary colors White and Black. I was originally trying to recreate the FZR 750 OWO1 look but then started to lean the paint scheme toward a Bomota style (plain yet proprotioned). Anyway, I still am working on the finishing touch; have any suggestions? The YZF sticker, Number Plate, Deltabox sticker on frame, and small lettered EXUP, Genesis, and Yamaha are yours (tapeworks). I got the tank tuning forks from a Yamaha Dealer. Thank you very much for making my vision into reality; again, if you have any suggestions on the final touch please tell me.

Cesar M.