From: Thom DeCarlo <>
Date: Sat May 14, 2005 9:08:29 PM US/Eastern
Subject: Pictures of my first TapeWorks mod
Attachments: There are 2 attachments

I received the black/white and red/red reflective tape yesterday and wanted to show you the results of my first little mod.

I am always worried that in the dark of night some cager is not going to see me and my lovely Aprilia Futura will end its life as somebody's hood ornament. I had black/white reflective tape on my Kawasaki Concours saddlebags and wanted to do the same with the Futura. But, I didn't want all black because, well, the bags aren't all black. Luckily, the red/red turned out to be a pretty good match for the color of the bike.

The pictures are just astonishing! I really like the results. Now to figure out how to cut out the Aprilia Lion's Head logo for the lower fairing...

Thanks a lot!

Thom DeCarlo
Yorktown, VA
COG #5384
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