From: Tatana Sexton <>
Date: Fri Mar 25, 2005 8:56:45 PM US/Eastern
Subject: Customer Pictures
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Hi there,

today we have installed the reflective rim tape on both of our motorcycles: '04 Yamaha FZ1 and '04 Kawasaki ZRX1200R.

I will send another picture of the Kawasaki soon, this one doesn't really do it justice. It was late at night when the project was finished.

As for the Yamaha, I wrapped my frame sliders ends in a slim piece of the tape as well as putting tiny pieces on the indicators, back of the swing arm, front of the forks and even on the inside of my mirrors. I used my husbands red tape on the passenger footpegs and teensy bits on the frame right above the engine valve cover. My husband finally said - step AWAY from the tape and put the scissors down (and right he was).

Will be coming back for more soon. Hopefully, your shipping won't be as high as it is now.