From: mack steinbrook <>
Date: Thu Jun 23, 2005 8:31:40 PM US/Eastern
Subject: Mack Steinbrook's new look
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This is my 1990 FZR600. Believe it or not, this bike was stolen in 1991 while stationed in San Diego in the military. In May of 2003 I received a phone call from the LAPD, they had recovered by bike. After a $500 shipping fee, new plastic & paint, overhaul, and most importantly Tapeworks Graphics, this bike is as good as new. Thanks to your technical support I was easily able to apply the kit with a little time and patience. Thanks for a wonderful product, it looks awesome.

PS Enclosed are photos after the recovery and what it looks like with TAPEWORKS GRAPHICS!


Mack Steinbrook

Chillicothe, Ohio

FZR600 Kit 4002 in #28 White/#4 Silver