I ordered kit 4025 from tapeworks.com a few months back, and have finally installed it (actually my wife installed it - I don't have the necessary patience). I have posted high resolution pictures of the bike before (still primered and multi colored), during (after a plain white paintjob), and after (with the tapeworks kit applied). It really turned out great! My wife and I followed the directions that were included with the kit, and I am very pleased with the results. I purchased this bike as a wreck (literally), and have finally got it looking good. 
I would be honored if tapeworks could use the pictures on your website (www.tapeworks.com), or list them in the customer's bikes section. Please feel free to copy and use any of the pictures as you see fit. Here is a link to my website that lists the pictures (before, during, and after) :
If the backgrounds are unsuitable in the above linked pictures, please check the site in two or three weeks, as I plan on taking some pictures with the bike (and wife) at the beach!
Thank you for making a great product!
Daniel Bremer