Subject: Pictures of my 2005 Honda VTX 1800N with Kit #5557 in Color #136 Bass Boat Black
Date: January 30, 2005 2:26:32 AM EST

To whom it may concern -
I received your kit two days ago, and am very happy with the new look that it has provided my bike.  The kit is very subtle until direct sunlight hits it, and then it really pops.  The day I took the attached pictures was overcast, so you get to see the difference in how the kit shows up.  I used kit 5572, also in #136 Bass Boat Black, for two helmets and my bike's chrome luggage rack.
There were only two issues I had with this particular kit.  First was the points of the flames on switchbacks, as they seemed to stick to the bottom paper, and at times, broke off and needed to be repositioned.  I believe that this is due how thin the lines on this particular design are.  While I don't think the lines of the kit should be made thicker, a notice should probably be put in the instructions letting future users know about this possibility.  Second was the fender flame.  I chose not to use it because of the setup of my saddlebags, but I did measure it for possible future use.  As I have the Neo series bike, the rear fender parts didn't really fit the fender.  They can be adjusted  to come up the long section of the fender like on the front.  I chose to use the extra pieces, as can be seen in the attachments.
All in all, the kit is outstanding, and really dresses up the bike.  My neighbors came over to help with the last bit of installation, and all said how impressed they were with how it looked.  The helmets worked out well.  I will be ordering kits in the future for helmets, and recommending your products to friends.  Thanks for your help -
Michael Faulkner
2005 Honda VTX 1800 Neo-Retro
Yelm, Washington