From: Eric Peacock <>
Date: Mon Jun 6, 2005 3:05:00 PM US/Eastern
Subject: 02 954 RR
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Hey Guys,

Finished up my 954 the other night and figured I would send you the results.  The directions included with the tape were top notched.  I used the wet method for all of them.  Even though you warned me against it on the rear number plate I just didn’t have the balls to try it dry.  I just had to keep working the bottom edge until it finally sat down against the white on the rear tail - about 30 min per side but it was worth it.  I decided to leave the bottom portion of the rear number plate off to match the RR billboard logos on the side (silver shadowed by white) and modified the zig zag graphics so that the bike wasn’t so busy - a couple of Bud's will do wonders for you imagination.  Once again thanks for all of you help and I would recommend your product and customer satisfaction to anyone

Keep up the great work,

Eric P.

Four Oaks, NC

(note: Logos from kit 1124 and Number Plates from kit 1127 in #004 Silver)

BEFORE and AFTER photos--->