From: albert smith <>
Date: Thu Aug 25, 2005 8:36:08 AM US/Eastern
Subject: RE: big Al's ZZR600
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On Thursday, August 25, 2005, at 12:23 AM, albert smith wrote:

Hello Guys,
Just wanted to stay I am very pleased with your products and have been meaning to write sooner but have been so busy riding and turning heads and having too much fun.  I've attached some photos of the blue bonfire kit that I put on my 2005 Kawasaki ZZR600.  Everybody I've talked too really digs the look and has been a topic of conversation with other riders that I come across.  Here are some photos:
I got sideswiped by a lady that wasn't looking.  At the time I was not too pleased but her insurance covered the repairs.  Here's the bike fresh out of the shop:

Here's the bike after putting on the bonfire kit:

Thanks guys for a cool product that does the job.  Even a amateur such as myself found the product easy to use and it was a labor of love to apply.  Thanks again!
Big Al   
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