From: "Isby, Tony" <>

Date: Fri Feb 6, 2004 4:26:30 PM US/Eastern

To: <>

Subject: FW: Bad Boys from the LBC Los Banos CA.

Hey Rob, here are pictures of the Bad Boys from Los Banos California. 

The 2000 Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R is the one I did the tapeworks job on. It turned out great, owner Lee Isby Sr. and  Lee Isby Jr. has the 1996 Honda CBR600.   He's only 15 but is already ridding the Hayabusa.(very slowly I might add)  He first rode it at 14 just last year in Arkansas before the Memphis Turnout and is now in love with Suzuki.   

Thanks again.

Take care

Lee  (Lee Anthony)  Tony