Date: Fri Nov 5, 2004 4:49:53 AM US/Eastern


Subject: CBR numberplates and wing kit.

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Here is how my green on a white and red 2001 CBR f4i ended up like. I put this kit on last winter and it has gotten quite abusive use since I shipped my bike to Europe and toured all over spring summer 2004. The red white and green were big hits in Italy and Hungary where they are national colors. Also in Europe the F4i never came out in the white red color on it and many looked at this regular old CBR and didn't know what to make of this bike thinking it was custom done or a racebike or something,yeah right just some tapeworks to set it off from stock.. Anyway I liked the look i was abale to achieve by ordering your kits with custom colors. and enjoyed using your product. I realize now that with some scisors an exacto knife a design  a couple of rolls of your colors and some patience during aplication tapeworks have unlimited crative potential on motorcycle bodywork.Anyway I put some hard use on the vinyl during 12000 miles of touring as you can see in my pics. Abuse came in the form of luggage,bungies,powerwashing,sun exposure,dirt,sand,some small spills like on wet trolly tracks while leaned over in a turn etc...The bike looks vell used and could use some loving care to get it looking faultless but this bike was made for me to ryde yet still maintain a pleasing unique durable look for this particular model in this color. So thats my testimonial concerning this,  Robert N. Virginia,Florida,NYC


PS I left this bike in Europe to use for years to come no problem with Florida tags,also thier photo radars can take pics of my plate all they want which is fun when everyone else is afraid of the hefty fines that come in the mail over there,so anyone who can help me out with a nice sportbike so I can do the east coast dirty south thing in style for around $5000 let me know. I'm having withdrawl symptoms from not having a bike. I have varied tastes but would lean towards CBR954,or classic 79-80's restored Kawasaki,Suzuki, Or a Hayabusa ZX12 or Blackbird even.