From: Richard Pesce <>

Date: Mon Oct 25, 2004 9:34:13 AM US/Eastern


Subject: My Own Custom Flames


Rob, I decide to give my ideas a try and spent the weekend doing the custom

flames for my 2000 V-Star, using several feet of your reflective silver

bulk material.


As we discussed, I lked the Tapeworks flame kit specifically for the

V-Star; I just thought the flames were a bit too sknny. So, after a weel

of looking at various pictures of flame jobs and bikes and a lot of trial

and error sketches, I finally came up with a design I liked.


I traced it onto the bulk material and cut it out using an Exacto razor

knife. My cut lines came out pretty smooth. The toughest part was cutting

the inside arcs of the flames really smoothly. Although they were less

than perfect, they didn't come out too bad.


Lastly, I outlined the entire flame job with 2mm wide reflective red

pinstripe tape (the flames really light up when they're hit with light).

This really finished the look and covered any 'less than perfect' cuts.

I've attached a couple of pics. What do you think?