From: Perez Corey H SSgt 388 MOS/MXOOA <>

Date: Mon Sep 27, 2004 12:57:12 PM US/Eastern


Subject: Photos of my 2003 R1 After application of your sticker kit


Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome sticker kit(s) that I purchasedfrom you, and now I've got my bike put together very nicely. I combined a couple sticker kits of yours, to get the desired look. I've got a few more stickers that I'll be ordering from you when the finances come through, but for the time being I'm completely happy with the quality of your work and the look of my bike.

I did notice that in the newer nose number plates you include a couple to allow people to get the sticker just right, and after fighting with mine for quite some time, I got it pretty near perfect. You also recommend doing a dry application of the nose plate, and I can't imagine how that could be done. I had to reposition the sticker numerous times to get it to line up, and that woudlnt' have been possible with the dry method.

Well, now I just need some "deltabox" stickers for the mid's and some pearl white "Yamaha" stickers for the lowers and I'll be all set.

I'll be in touch in the future,

Corey Perez

2003 Yamaha R1

~Post crash photos. Can side was rashed, used your stickers to add to the over all appearance of the bike. I didn't want to change too much and give it a odd look, your OEM type stickers in a non-oem color was the perfect touch.