Here's a letter we dug up from Tommy Blackwell, dated September 13, 2000.

Dear Rob,

I thought you would enjoy these pictures I took on my trip to Nova Scotia. As you can see, I used the extra roll of Rim Stealth to trim my bags and helmet. The funky look of the bike gets all kinds of comments from the general public, but one of the main things other riders comment on is the wheels.

I was planning to take the trip on my R1100RS but sold it just before I was going to leave. About 4 months previous, I had run and ad in the trader but then decided to keep it. This guy convinced me to sell by paying more than I was asking. He said it was the best looking RS he had seen. It was box stock, except for red Rim Stealth.

the bike looks great day or night. Thanks for the great product.


Tommy Blackwell
Duluth, GA