From: Richard Glenn Capt 533TRS/DOB <>

Date: Mon Oct 20, 2003 12:47:20 PM US/Eastern

To: "''" <>

Subject: Some pics of my RC-51

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Here are some pics of my freshly completed bike with one of your tapeworks kits. I modified the silver shadows and actually applied them on top of the wings. I wanted more red to come through. The kit was pretty much spot on and your techniques helped out a lot. I REALLY appreciated the extra tank panels. I did the tank twice. I can't wait to ride down to the local bike meeting and make everyone green with envy!

P.S. Could I get a pair of those "" decals on saw applied to the CBR 954 in Gregg's Garage. They looked like computer writing and were under the seat on the fairing.

Thanks again!


Glenn P. Richard, Captain, USAF
Chief of Systems Training, 533d TRS/DOB