From: "Keith B." <>
Date: Sun Aug 10, 2003 09:28:15 US/Eastern
To: <>
Subject: bike photo

Thanx guys at tapeworks!!!! 

My bike looks great. I ordered the GSXR logo's in flouresant yellow with silver "R's" and black backgrounds, along with the tank shawdows and large lower "Suzuki's" and tank overlays in flouresant yellow also.  I also got a set of the GSXR yellow number plates front and rear with a silver pinstrip border around them.

The bike was painted with metallic navy blue uppers, metallic silver lower and black tail section.  I have had more people come over to the bike and tell me hoe nice the bike looks and where did I get the logos and such in that color!!!!  I just tell them Tapeworks.

Thanx Guys!!!!

Keith Buenzow