Date: Fri 12 Sept 2003

To: Rob@Tapeworks


2003 600RR with white plates, black numbers, and chrome shadows

Thanks tapeworks, product looks great and even though I ran into a problem with a missing sticker you guys sent me the ones I needed in 2 days, awesome customer service.  I have done a few sets of decals on both cars and bikes and I would suggest to anyone applying graphics to use the wet method.  It allows for proper placement and gives you that much needed "smudge factor"  especially for beginners.  Just be patient guys, it will work.  I have done a few other things to add to a custom look to my bike since there are so many running around everywhere.  I painted my windscreen myself, put a gas cover decal on, new handle grips( not pictured), a tankpad, and reflective honda decals on the wheels.  Thanks again tapeworks for the fast shipping and a very good product.