From: "Wendy Crabb" <>
Date: Tue May 6, 2003 7:55:31 PM US/Eastern
To: <>
Subject: Great product---Another bike complete


Danny Crabb here again,

    Once again your product has made another one of my bikes awesome!!! The flame kit, the custom GSXR (w/ flame tails trailing off that I added with extra pieces), added some of the flames to the front, chrome Suzuki's front, back, and tank, shadow swoops on tank and tail. Also used some ingenuity and creativity w/ the scrap blocks in the kit to create some pieces around the headlight area. You guys are kickin ass and I have passed on your name many times here in Wichita alone. I'll let the pics say the rest!!!

Thanks Again.

Danny Crabb

'02 gixxer 750