Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 07:19:55 EST
Subject: 95 CBR F3 Re:inv# 00017332

Here is a picture of the bike I totaled. This was my first time doing paint and body work. When I found the frame was straight I started searching for the plastic I needed to make it stock. I was unsuccessful, I started asking around and that's when I was referred to you buy my local Honda dealer, When I saw your website I became a sanding fool and only needed 3 pieces of plastic instead of 5. So with your help the end result was so much better than factory and people comment EVERY time I ride (9,000+ miles since may 2001) and a lot think the graphics are paint? Russ was great in helping me both times, I scratched it and needed a couple the second time. If you would like some better pictures that is no problem. Paint color is House of Colors Oriental Blue over black with silver wings and white logos. I tell everyone about you guys! Take Care, Lex Madsen Oxnard, CA