From: Gary Holder <>
Organization: Tait Electronics Ltd
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 09:42:45 +1200
Subject: Delivery

Hi Rob,

Just to let you know my graphics have arrived. Ordered late Wed 19th, shipped Tuesday 24th, delivered Monday 30th to Christchurch, New Zealand. now that is what I call fast delivery. I'll be sending you a pic once applied.



Hi All at Tapeworks,

What can I say but wow. I think every customer has a little fear about buying a product off the web and even though I looked at all of the great pics and read most of the testimonials from happy customers I was still a little unsure of how good your graphics were. Not any more, you make a fantastic product and it's far better than I imagined.

It was not with a little trepidation that I started applying my graphics. Having only ever placed the odd "sticker" on my bikes I was a little nervous at first but after the first few decals were in place I soon got the hang of it, quite easy in fact. I did notice that with my # 6 flames kit that the spacing of the flame tails soon varied when applied across a compound curve, something to be aware of but easily taken care of if allowed for. My bike, a Suzuki RF900 has quite a few air ducts so I had to allow for this. The end decision was not to use the bulk of the flames on the side fairings as I would lose too much when cut out so as the pics show, I had "flicks and licks" of flames on the leading edges and used the larger decals on the painted frame and tank. It now appears that the engine is leaking flames which is the effect I wanted and as you say, the fluoro yellow is far brighter in the flesh.

Thanks again for a great product, I am now interested in getting slightly oversized Suzuki decals to cover the tank logos, please advise on this subject.

Finally your product has turned a rather bland looking bike into a real head turner, thanks heaps.

Gary, Christchurch, New Zealand.