From: "De Bruycker Yves" <>
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 19:00:59 +0100
To: <>
Subject: Honda VFR800i

it's me again.
please excuse me for this late reply , but i've waited solong so I could send a picture of my bike with the grafics you send me !!!!!!

Everywhere I've already been with my "new" bike , they've asked me what sort of bike it is????

Some thought it 's an Fireblade , or an VTR SP1???

But when I said that it is an VFR they all asked me ,where I've let this well done job done :-)

And they were more surprised when I tould them that I did it my way ( like Sinatra -- hahahhaha :-) ).

My bike has grown into a real "racer" and I very proud with it , and I can really showing off ....

So by this way , I wanted you to thanks again and hopefully when I 'm buying the new VFR800i V-TEC you can provide my with a set of decals..

many greetings and thanks from BELGIUM.

Ps I think i'm the only one in Belgium who has such a nice bike .

Sincerly, De Bruycker Yves