From: Stidham William D SrA 752MUNSS/SCOM <>
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 06:10:14 -0000
To: "''" <>
Subject: FW: bike photos

Hey Rob,

I just thought I'd send you some photo's of the chrome graphics on my 99 Gixer 750 with the European paint scheme. Notice the tail section has different colors and stripes from Suzuki. If you find one you like, please post it to your customers ride's page. I have been advertising your business all over the Netherlands. Just got back from the World Super Bike races in Assen and saw Edwards set a track lap record that was even faster than Valentino Rossi and the Grand Prix bikes. He won both the races that day and went 1 point ahead of Troy Bayless for the championship. The final race will determine this years World Champion in Italy. Go Edwards, the Texas Tornado!

Your products are top notch and easy to install, thanks Rob. A final word, Kenny Roberts is the man. Go Kenny Go!

Dace Stidham