From: "Todd Marsh" <>
Date: Fri, 18 May 2001 22:54:19 -0700
To: <>
Subject: finished graphics and pictures

Thanks tapeworks for bringing my dinosaur bike to life. My 1990, ZX10 is a real head turner now. This was my first attempt at body work and I couldn't be more please.

I followed your online directions for preperation and clearcoating. I put on two coats. Sanded and installed grapics. Took me about five hours total to cut out flames and paste'em on. Topped it off with six coats of clear. Still haven't rubbed everything out yet and these pics don't even do it justice. Everyone thinks this bike is brand new. Basically it is. I'll send you the perfect picture when I get it.

The helmet was done by hand. Just in time for summer.