From: Stuart Vernon <>
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 13:03:04 -0400
To: "Rob (E-mail)" <>

Subject: my bike, your stickers

Hi Rob,

I just wanted to let you know I finally finished the new graphics with the stickers and rimstriping I got from you. It came out great! Pictures are at: It's a '98 ZX-9R painted black (with 27k miles on it, I might add). I used reflective red stickers on the tank and front fairing and matching rimstriping. The only other cosmetic mods are a Zero Gravity Double Bubble dark smoke windscreen and a Throttlemeister Cruise Control (those stainless bar-end weights). Feel free to take any of the pictures of it to post on your website. If you do that, please give a link back to my site -


- Stuart