From: "Gonzo" <>
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 16:43:58 -0800
To: <>
Subject: Helmet graphics


About 3-4 months ago I purchased a red/black/white helmet graphics kit to go with my 1997 CBR 600F3. I am happy to say that the kit was of the highest quality. Some substantial modifications were required, however, to get it to fit my Arai Quantum per the instructions/photographs, and even then it wound up looking somewhat different. I then decided to make some major changes using the extra tape you graciously included with the kit. I must admit that it turned out AWESOME. It looks like it's been painted!

I have photographed the helmet along with my motorcycle, on which I also utilized some black RimStealth, which glows like a lightbulb at night. Would you be interested in adding these photos to your website and, if so, would you prefer the actual photgraphs (I have doubles) or a scan of them? Mailing photos would be easier for me, but I do have a friend with a scanner.

Thanks and hope to hear from you.

Sacramento, CA.


Here's our reply:


Heck yeah! We're always interested in customer's photos!

Send them to:
9400-13 Ransdell Rd
Raleigh, NC 27603