To Whom it May Concern:

I ordered your kit a while ago and installed it. The ordering process was great. I got a 20% or 25% (our holiday '99 special #1) discount on the kit, which I found about on your web page. I changed the main color from fluorescent orange to fire red. The guy who took my order didn't even charge me for the color change. Thanks. I ordered the generic kit #3301? I can't remember the kit #, but you have it displayed on a Katana 600. I was not to fond of the fluorescent orange or the way you laid the stickers on, so I changed it (the beauty of these kits). My buddy and I installed the kit. It was relatively easy except around the air ducts. It was a little stressing putting the stickers on knowing I could not make any mistakes, so I had a few beers to calm me down. I used the extra pieces for my helmet (see photo). Overall, I'm very happy about the looks of my Katana. Let me give you a brief history of the bike and future plans.


I bought the bike 16 months ago from Rancho Cordova Motorcycle Recycling Center. The bike had been totaled. The bike only had 2,000 miles on it, so they fixed it up. it's a 96 Katana 600 with 93 wheels on it. They put 93 fairings on it to go with the wheels. It did not look good (pink and purple), but I purchased it with the intent of fixing it up.

MODIFICATIONS I gave the bike a full tune up and began working on the fairings. I removed the old stickers (a pain in the ass), and sanded down the fairings. I found a straight gas tank and took everything to my brother, Zack. Zack worked at a truck accessory warehouse and had access to a paint booth. He painted everything black. I purchased new marker lights, a new red windscreen, a fender eliminator kit, and had some custom foam work done on the seat. I also put some tapeworks carbon tape on the ffont forks (see picture). I ordered some black rimstripping and will install in soon. My future plans for the bike are new footpegs, a jet kit, and an aftermarket 4 into I exhaust. I have a solo seat cowl (see photo) but still need to get it painted and install it.

Thanks a lot for making my bike look so much better. I wholeheartedly recommend your graphic kit for all of those sad looking Katanas out there.


Nathan Wandell