Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 09:59:26 EST

Subject: my tapeworks dressed gixxer.

hey rob, nice web site. but it's only missing one thing, my 1991 gsxr 750/1216 with air tech carbon fiber (not carbon look) fairings clearcoated and covered with another fine tapeworks kit. the kit is a direct replacement for the 91 gsxr blk/sil/pur factory colors. i could have used a factory kit, but felt that your product was actually a better value and easier to work with. it looks great. i really prize this beast what with the 1216 cc monster motor worked from bottom to that beautiful hypercycle head and those technomagnesio wheels. but the thing that really stands out to me is the body work with YOUR decal kit. A little patience and time and it is a professional job. thanks for the great product.


Michael McCauley

a satisfied customer in richmond,va.

p.s. i am sending you a couple of pics of the bike. feel free to make me happy by posting them on your web site. (hint,hint) i can also adjust the pics for brightness if necessary.

p.s.s the kit was installed in jan 1996 and still looks like new. i think i'm gonna go for a new look soon and will definately go for a new kit from you guys.