Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2000 11:55:39 -0400
Subject: Graphics Installation Techniques

Tape Works,

Hello, my name is Kraig M. Sanderson and I am racing a 99' Yamaha R6 this year at LRRS. I purchased a sticker kit from you ("The Cash Register") to dress up my freshly painted machine. Three weeks ago the bike was mechanically completed, and at about 12:00am the night before practice I attempted to apply the number plates. To make a long story short I used your installation techniques, and my results on the number plates left a lot to be desired, numerous air bubbles and many creases, not pretty. So I figured the number plates looked good enough for practice and I would order a new plate kit and try again when I had more time and patience!

At the track many people complemented me on how trick the bike was, and I told everyone not to laugh at how bad the number plates looked. One of the curious people admiring my bike mentioned he own's a window tinting business, and asked if I had tried to apply the graphics using the water technique. My initial reaction to what he said (soapy water) made me think he was crazy as adhesive and water/soap don't mix.

So after returning from what turned out to be a very successful practice day, I called Tape Works and ordered a replacement number plate kit. I was happy with the quality of your products right from the start, I just couldn't apply them worth a %$#<% ! Using this technique I achieved absolutely STUNNING results, no bubbles, creases, perfect, I think were on to something here ! Using this technique worked equally well for large number plates to small graphics, anyone I repeat anyone can get fantastic results using this technique. My gift to you is the installation technique detailed below, I challenge you to try the technique on your own and I know you'll agree there is no better way to apply your otherwise fantastic products.

In one gallon of luke warm water, mix one tablespoon of dish detergent and mix thoroughly. Use a clean paper towel to swab the area where graphics are to be applied. Peel entire backing from graphic using caution to touch the backsides together. Apply graphic, the soapy mix allows you to reposition many times until the location is perfect. Then using a body filler type squeegee, work the graphic from the inside out stretching and pressing the soapy mix out with the squeegee. Wait approx. 3 minutes, or when you can just remove the clear top without lifting the graphic. Remove about 2" at a time while using a clean paper towel over the now exposed graphic (the paper towel absorbs any residual water and wont scratch). After approx. 8hrs the graphics are completely dry and the adhesive comes back through. Perfect!!!

This technique allows your customers to get perfect results and gives them a chance to reposition. Although it cost me another number plate kit before I mastered this technique, the ease of installation and STUNNING results made it well worth it. Try this yourself, I know all your customers will thank you, as it gives them a second chance to reposition, with no air bubbles or wrinkles (even with compound curves), simple installation and STUNNING results. Also I can assure you they won't blow off and have been speed test to 160 MPH. Photos below!!