From: "john brown" <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 20:03:27 -0700
To: <>
Subject: project pictures

Okay Rob ,

I know you like to get pictures from customers , so here are a few of mine . Its nice doing business with other North Carolinians ....especially when the service and quality are so good . Mine isn't too splashy , but I love it anyway . I spent untold hours fabricating the fairing and preparing the hand hammered alloy tank for paint . Your graphics were as specified and beautifully turned out . Its nice to have a resource like tapeworks who can give someone like me (picky bastard ) exactly what they ask for . I also lucked out on a guy to build the pipes as I wanted but I had to cross the Mason Dixon for that service ;>) . Nice doin' business with ya'll !

John Brown