From: "John King" <>
Organization: J. H. King & Associates
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 00:05:20 -0400
To: "ROB" <>

Subject: Re: '98 YZF600 with Rim Striping

Sorry it took so long to reply. Just got a digital camera. Here are some better photos.

Here is a photo of a stock '98 YZF 600. Nice looking, but kind of flat. And here is my '98 YZF 600 after "Rim Striping" and using the striping to outline the red, black and white; a neon yellow "YZF 600" on the side panel; and vertical white "YAMAHA" on the front fender to accent the rest of the bike. I think it makes the bike "POP," especially at twilight lit by passing headlights. Total cost was about $70.00. If you like what I have done and think it is worthy of publication, I can take better photos. This is a scanned Polaroid with some bad airbrushing to remove a mailbox and parked car.

John King