From: Jeff Mortaloni <>
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 16:02:13 -0800
Subject: number plate


I got the plate and it installed in a snap. I had to use the heat gun a bit and probably should have used it a bit more. I got the sticker to check to see if I liked the plate before getting it painted on since its lots cheaper and easy to undo if I didn't like it. I love the look of it. I'm including 2 pics of the bike to show you how it looked. The one pic is a closeup and shows where I had the biggest problem with the install .. in between the 2 lights there is a gap on both sides of the sticker and also the sticker was a bit short. It could be that the 99 748 front section is slightly different than the 916? Take a look maybe you can make your cutout a bit wider in those areas. I had a few comments that it looked great but I'm a bit anal and the gaps bugged me. I'll probably have it painted in the next few weeks. Product is top quality and other than the gaps it looked great once installed. I'll recomend you to anyone that asks in the future.


Jeff Mortaloni