From: "Doug and Jaime" <>
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2000 13:14:44 +1000
To: <>
Subject: FZR 1000


First just let me say thank you for the wonderful graphics kits you guys make. They are superb in fit and finish. Next, I thought I would include a pic of my newly finished project. The bike is a 1995 FZR 1000. It originally came with a bland white/maroon paint scheme and since had been painted yellow. That is where I came in. The paint I used was a mix of a few PPG paints and it came out a very dark, almost purple blue. The kit was applied and then clearcoated over. It came out quite nice I think! Too bad I have to sell it!

Anyways, I would be honored if you would include it in your "Customer's Bikes" section, and maybe I might make bike of the month? =)

Thanks again for your quality products and service

Douglas Johnson