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Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 03:56:29 EDT




Recently, a friend and I ordered bike kits for our bikes. I own a 1997 GSXR750 and my friend Mark owns a 1989 FZR-400. This is my third bike kit from Tapeworks and it is the first for Mark. He painted his bike all black and ordered the "littleFiZzeR2" kit with the red changed to yellow and the silver changed to carbon. I painted my bike Chrome Yellow and ordered the generic kit "Team TW" plus a few added logos, including my name in custom lettering for the windscreen. I just had to send in the pics of these bikes so you could share them with others who visit your website.

You would not believe all the heads we turn when we ride together. NOBODY in our hometown has bikes as trick as ours, and all the comments we get proves just that. We cant thank you guys enough for making it soooo easy to make our bikes look this good.

I sent you a pic of each bike and a pic of them together. I had to send each pic in separate E-mail, so I apologize for that hassle. Thanks again.

Clay Carroll, Wheeling, West Virginia....GSXR pic

Mark Malcoff, Wheeling, West Virginia....FZR pic

pic of both bikes together


Subject: Thanks,Rob, for bike of the month
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 1999 04:04:02 EDT


Holly Sh-t !!!! That's exactly what I said to myself when I visited your website tonight and saw my GSX-R 750 and my friend's FZR400 as two of your Bikes of the Month. It is so cool to think that thousands of people will be viewing our bikes on a cool website. Man, that is so cool. Thanks.

Clay Carroll

Here's how Clay did the headlights:

The following are instructions on how to Give your GSXR's headlamp the

"cat eye" effect:

Its quite simple actually. I did do it myself. It took just a few hours to complete. And, it only cost about 20 bucks. It's not a sticker at's paint. I'm not a professional, and have no artistic abilities at all. Follow these instructions and you will be more than happy with the result.

I didn't even remove the headlight from the bike. I simply masked off the whole front end around the head light and covered the rest of the bike to protect it from overspray.

Here is what makes it so easy to get the "cat eye" effect on the headlight......If you look closely at the headlight cover, you will see two arched lines already embedded on inside of the center of the lens. Use these lines to guide you when you mask off the two "eyes." Use a good brand of spray primer to coat the middle of the lens where the paint will be applied. NOTE: in order to keep light from shining through the paint, you must apply at least two-three coats of heavy primer. Be sure to use a wet sandable primer, the primer needs sanding before painting to make it smooth.

Let the primer dry completely for approximately 2 hours. After sanding the primer,(I used 1200 grit wet sandable paper), simply paint it to match the bike. I just used the left over paint from when I painted my bike. I know for a fact that you can use ordinary spray paint and make it look just as good. I know this because I did it to my buddy's blue/white GSXR. Apply paint as necessary, wait until dry and clearcoat. Be sure if you use spray cans to use the same brand for all three stages...primer, paint, clearcoat. This way it creates a stronger bond between the three.

As a finishing touch, I outlined each "cat eye" with 1/4 inch red pin striping. Not only does this make it really stand out, but it also covers up any rough edges from the paint job.

Good luck and try to send me a picture of the finished product. I would love to see it. REMEMBER...HEAVY PRIMER.

sincerely....Clay Carroll