Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 13:47:43 EST
Subject: (no subject

I received my label kits last night, just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with what showed up at my door. Most companies these days cut every corner possible to save a penny, you seemed to spend the extra penny. I purchased two sets of Kawasaki logos for a 92' zx 600r, my wish would be to do a full kit, (Repsol, Castrol, or Lucky Strike replica kit) but it is not a bike you have worked with before and the bikes base color is black.

Any suggestions?

Also could you suggest any tips for removing label on gas tank, I strip the bike of all stock stickers but the tank did not want to come off. I can't tell if it is paint or labels but it was the same color scheme as the bike and looked to be a label.

Thank You

Adam Goldblatt


Tapeworks response: "Gas tank decals are almost always clearcoated in and the only way to remove them is to strip the paint (and the decal) off and repaint."