Tapeworks Color Chart


STANDARD COLORS: Solids | Metallics | Pearls/Lusters | Fluorescents
PREMIUM COLORS: Flexi-Chrome (gold, silver) | Bass Boat Metallic | Reflectives | CarbonLOOK
THIRD TIER PRICE GROUP: Colored Chromes, Custom Reflectives

These charts are meant to be a guide for selecting colors. We have made every effort to faithfully reproduce the actual vinyl colors, but no printed color will ever be exactly the same as the vinyl. Tapeworks vinyls are nothing but the best high-gloss materials of the highest quality with adhesives that last five to seven years and a vibrance that rivals automotive paint! Only the BEST!

Need help choosing a color? Call us for free samples!

INDIVIDUAL LOGO PRICING: scroll down for a guide to help determine prices:

Using STANDARD COLORS (Solid, Metallic, Pearlescent, and Fluorescent):
1-color decals, $5 minimum, $ 1 per inch
2-color decals, $10 minimum, $ 2 per inch
3-color decals, $15 minimum, $ 3 per inch
4-color decals, $20 minimum, $ 4 per inch

Using PREMIUM COLORS (CarbonLOOK, Reflectives, Flexi-Chromes, Bass Boat Metallics, or Flip-Flops):
1-color decals, $7.50 minimum, $ 1.50 per inch
2-color decals, $15 minimum, $ 3.00 per inch


Since we manufacture the decals per your specs, you need to determine the sizes you want. Usually length (longest) dimension is all we need. All of our logos are designed to maintain the right proportion of width-to-height- BUT if you want it "forced" to a specific height dimension, call us (license restrictions MAY apply). Just remember that you will be distorting the normal look of the logo by "forcing it".

So get a tape measure, hold it up to your bike where you intend to have a decal, and determine what size looks right.

Here's the info we will need from you:

Qty, Logo Part #, Size (length, in inches), Color # or name

Minimum total logo order is $35 (plus shipping and handling).

Any further questions or to order, just call 800-232-TAPE or email us.

Bulk Tape

We can sell you the very material we produce our decals from. Then you can produce your own graphic design or custom fitted shape. Cut off a 14" wide roll, we sell it by the foot length.

Solids, Pearls, Metallics: $12 per foot
Flurescent Colors: $15 per foot
Flexi-Chrome: $15 per foot
Reflectives: $15 per foot
Custom Reflectives: $20 per foot
CarbonLook: 14"x30" Sheet for $59 - 29"x60" Sheet for $239

For Example:

If you buy a 3-foot length of 017 Reflective Red, you will get a 14"x36" sheet for $45.

Changing Colors

Always an option with Tapeworks (as is adding the Replica logos of your choice.)

As with all Tapeworks kits, you may elect to change the color(s) of your kit. Not a problem. In fact, it is our pleasure to get you what you want. If you find a kit you love but don't like the colors, we have the answer for you. Just call us and tell us what color(s) you prefer. We won't be mad. Tapeworks will be glad you did (and so will you)! Everybody has their own tastes and that is what makes us humans and makes motorcycling the individualistic sport it is. So, now you can paint your bike any base color you want, and order the graphics in another color combination.

Simply state, "I want the primary color changed to ______ and the secondary color changed to _________."

Give us a call us to discuss your changes, we'll be happy to help you get it right, and you will be happy, too!